I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by using the power of customer research to create engaging website and email copy


Your ideas + the power of research = impactful copy that speaks to your ideal clients


Find the right words to make your customers stop hopping between browser tabs and listen up

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Onboarding email drip campaigns
  • Sales email sequences
  • Copy coaching

Slightly over-the-top obsessive about customer research, I love hunting for voice-of-customer gems that make website and email copy sound like you’re reading your customers’ minds

Slightly over-the-top obsessive about customer research, I love hunting for voice-of-customer gems that make website and email copy sound like you’re reading your customers’ minds


I’ve helped one of my clients define her ideal audience, get invited to present on top industry platforms, and build online courses that her ideal clients craved.

70% of warm leads and list subscribers signed up to participate in her courses in 2018.

This is how I help business owners and entrepreneurs attract more clients:

- Copywriting

- Copy coaching

Launch & website copywriting

Think of what you could do with all the time you’ll have freed up if you’re not rewriting your website for the 20th time

  • Sound more like you without agonizing about every word (writing for yourself = the worst)

  • Become more active on social media, because now you are excited about sharing your website

  • Translate all of your customer knowledge into copy that gets more clicks

  • See click-through rates go up as you start engaging with your audience in a more relatable and relevant way


I have been working with Ekaterina for over a year. She is a very knowledgeable and gifted specialist with great ideas, outstanding organizational and communication skills, trustworthy and responsible. Real pleasure to work with!

Elena Werner, Elena’s Language Services


Copy coaching: get a second (expert) opinion to shift into execution mode

Feeling maybe 80% confident in your copy? I can help you get to 100%

  • Instead of filtering through Facebook responses and sorting though irrelevant responses (*everyone* will have an opinion on your offer), figure out who to ask for feedback and which questions will get you the information you actually need

    • a quick reality check and easy-to-follow pointers on how to up your copy game

    • Figure out that certain je ne sais quoi that will make your copy more resonant

    • Make sure all of the different copy elements are working together to help you reach your goals

    • Get tips on structuring your copy in a way that will keep your readers scrolling to the buy button — and clicking on it

Celsea Jenkins , Health + Wellness Copywriter

Celsea Jenkins, Health + Wellness Copywriter

"Katya has been extremely helpful and supportive to me as I've created and evolved the messaging for my new website! She has provided very specific and detailed feedback that was easy to implement and helped my site flow well. I've received lots of glowing compliments on my site copy and give credit to Katya for helping to ensure that everything was clear and concise."

Allison Smith  Copywriter, Brand Strategy

Allison Smith

Copywriter, Brand Strategy

“Katya was instrumental in helping me finalize the copy for my re-branded website. I had completed my 3rd revision and needed a fresh perspective—as a fellow copywriter, sometimes we can be too emotionally invested in our own copy to critique it with an objective eye. She provided detailed feedback with thorough explanations, which really tightened up my message; some reorganization of the flow gave my site the impact I was looking for. 

Clarity is Katya's middle name! She knows the roadmap of an effective site; how to articulate your message so it resonates, keep prospects on your page, and gets them to that buy button. 

Do not hesitate to get her eyes on your page!”

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