Impactful website and email copy
for entrepreneurs and service providers


I “translate” business ideas into copy that leads to more sales, sign-ups, and clicks.

Ekaterina Howard, Pinwheel Translations. Translating your business ideas into impactful copy

Website copy: highlight your experiences, your values and your personality in a way that will resonate with the people you want to work with

One of my clients has received an invitation to teach college-level courses from one of her contacts as a result of our collaboration on her website.

Others have been able to move forward with their websites, improving their site's structure and organizing their content to drive inquiries, not drop-offs.


Email copy for engagement and upsells

Use the power to reach your subscribers to keep your list engaged and offer them new or additional services.

One of my clients got a 60% “Yes” to a new program for her past course graduates, and was able to start working with past course participants immediately, without starting a new launch or spending time and effort on additional marketing.


I have been working with Ekaterina for over a year. She is a very knowledgeable and gifted website specialist with great ideas, outstanding organizational and communication skills, trustworthy and responsible. Real pleasure to work with!

Elena Werner, Elena’s Language Services


Some ways for us to work together:


"Katya has been extremely helpful and supportive to me as I've created and evolved the messaging for my new website! She has provided very specific and detailed feedback that was easy to implement and helped my site flow well. I've received lots of glowing compliments on my site copy and give credit to Katya for helping to ensure that everything was clear and concise."

Celsea Jenkins, Health + Wellness Copywriter

Alyssa Yorgan: “Ekaterina is extremely thorough and it is clear that she has given a lot of thought to her creative process”