Ekaterina Howard is an En/De>Ru marketing translator and a copywriter. She really, really wants translators to be more visible online - in a good way, of course.
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Ekaterina Howard

I am a copywriter who also writes copy in Russian for US businesses that want to expand to Russian-speaking markets.

I “translate” business ideas into impactful copy and work with entrepreneurs and service providers on websites and emails.

In addition to that, I am a co-host of SLD's podcast with Veronica Demichelis, SLD's podmaster, and a past contributor to SLD's SlavFile and The ATA Chronicle.

My guest post:

Alyssa Yorgan on working with me: “I needed texts that reflected the types of language services I offer and would speak to my target audience. It was very important to me that the texts address the pain points of my clients, and Ekaterina impressed me not only as a spectacular writer and Russian cultural expert, but also as someone who knows how to research a target market.  Ekaterina is extremely thorough and it is clear that she has given a lot of thought to her copy process. After a few emails with her, I felt like she knew more about my business than I do!  Ekaterina is a consummate professional who is very process-driven and good at distilling key information from diffuse and unstructured ideas.”