Revising and Editing for Translators by Brian Mossop: a review

This coursebook is a part of the Translation Practices Explained series, and has been a great and useful read for me.

Although there is a number of reference books on editing Russian-language texts that I use, they are mainly concerned with the finer points of Russian. Brian Mossop's book, on the other hand, is a thorough and systematic overview of editing and revising translations and addresses a number of practical issues, such as:

  • using online reference materials,
  • decision-making when revising, especially under time pressure, or
  • balancing conflicting interests of parties involved.

I found the sections describing various types of editing very useful, as well, although most of the points being made were relevant for into-English translators. They have come in handy in a number of business book summaries translation projects, where a slightly different workflow allows for more freedom in working with the source text and thorough editing is encouraged. Similarly, a section on self-editing was a useful tool to revise and improve self-editing practices.

You can find the book sold online here.

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