Writing techniques for marketing translation and transcreation: Alessandra Martelli's Webinar and Resources in Russian

I have reviewed the first two webinars from this series here, and the last webinar can to some extent be viewed as a crash course in composition and rhetoric. Interestingly, some of the material from the webinar has come up in the Introduction to Public Speaking course on Coursera, where Dr. McGarity has presented many of the techniques along with several examples for each of them (I believe there was a separate lecture on rhetoric devices, so there was much less time pressure in that regard). I have very much enjoyed watching the recording of Ms Martelli's webinar (it took place during the ATA conference), and think that it is a great overview of writing techniques, so I have decided to look for additional information and examples of marketing writing techniques in Russian.

Interestingly, stylistic devices do come up in the online search quite often: high school students are supposed to learn how to recognize them in works of Russian authors.

As for marketing copy techniques, I have found several interesting resources in Russian:

Do you know of any other resources on writing techniques for marketing, in Russian and otherwise? Feel free to share them!

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