Buyers from Russia on the international RE market: 2015 and 2016

Several articles on portal might be of interest to agencies considering working with Russian buyers on the international real estate market or those already engaged with them

For example, this market overview published in December 2015 outlines 2015 results and trends for 2016.

Real estate experts have mentioned the following trends in 2015:

  • Increased interest in commercial property or property that enables its owner to get a residence permit.
  • Increased interest to properties in the US, France and Montenegro.
  • Decreased activity in Q4 2015 due to political situation.
  • Change in preferences because of the migrant crisis in Europe.

In 2016 the experts anticipate the following:

  • Increased interest in real estate as an investment.
  • No significant changes in demand by country.
  • More sales of property abroad by Russian owners.

You can read the full article here (in Russian).

A follow-up article, published in January,  focuses on the trends for 2016. According to it, despite the current economic and political turbulence in Russia, there is no reason to anticipate a significant decrease in demand for foreign properties.

However, the make-up of demand will change: two leading segments will be luxury properties and affordable real estate. The anticipates an increase in demand for investment properties and properties that entitle owners to a residence permit, as well as a continuing interest to seaside real estate .

Full text of this article is available here (in Russian).

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