World Lindy Hop Day 2017

Image: Benjamin Lambert, via Unsplash

Image: Benjamin Lambert, via Unsplash

Today is the World Lindy Hop day. Some dance-related links, words and music:

As much as I like Squirrel Nut Zippers and Beyond the Sea (and reluctantly tolerate the abominations that are “Bei mir bist du schön” pronounced as “shayne” and swing versions of “Ochi cherniye” and “Podmiskovnye vechera”), some songs that I would love to dance to (all of them by Aquarium):

  • Item 1 (Hilyy Zakos Pod Lyubov): jazzy, lots of syncopation, delightful brass section, lots of slide opportunities (wa-waaam!), and a false ending.
  • Item 2 (Lyudi Prishedshie Iz Mozhzhevelnika): 3 minutes of fun, with nice stops and a “wop bop a loo bop” in the second verse. Skaters, U-turns. Also a false ending, come to think of it
  • Item 3 (Pesni vycherpyvayuschih lyudey): old-fashioned, slow, lots of piano, playful; oversways and a nice break just for shortie georges.

Ekaterina Howard, Pinwheel Translations. Business, marketing, real estate translations from English and German into Russian

Ekaterina Howard, Pinwheel Translations

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