How to find a translator

Starting with a translation project: should I work with an independent translator or with a translation company?

What is the best way to find a translation company or a translator?

Search engines

Advantages: fast, convenient.

Disadvantages: inefficient: have to sift through links to free online translators (machine translation), potential difficulty evaluating results (SEO optimization vs translation quality), need criteria for selecting companies/translators to contact.

How to find a translator or a translation companies: different approaches

Online directories of translation associations

Examples: ATA (both independent professionals and companies), BDÜ (independent professionals), or chapters and affiliated groups of such organizations, for instance, Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters

Advantages: easy to use: can search by specialization, location, language pair. Such directories only list association members that are committed to profession and continuing professional development.

Disadvantages: time-consuming and potentially confusing: have to determine criteria, evaluate search results, send out requests for additional information.

What should one consider when choosing a translator or a translation agency: some useful resources

Specialized websites for translation professionals

Examples: or

Advantages: easy to use, includes an advanced search option and an option to post an assignment and evaluate applicants instead of browsing profiles. Also includes additional options for reviewing candidates: customers' reviews, translation samples.

Disadvantages: time-consuming and potentially confusing: have to determine criteria, evaluate results, send requests for additional information or, in case of a job posting, evaluate responses and choose the best candidate based on the predetermined criteria.

The main problem: determining selection criteria

Caution recommended

General websites for freelancers

Examples: elance or odesk

Advantages: convenience for job posting, integrated payment system, streamlined process.

Disadvantages: no barrier to entry (anyone can participate), qualifications/quality verifiable only through reviews (verifiable? objective?), time-consuming and potentially confusing – still need to vet applicants and select the most suitable freelancer or company.

In the next article I'll discuss possible selection criteria for choosing the right translator for your project.

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