Website Teardown #1: Matt Baird's website (and all the things you should swipe)

Definitely swipe from Matt

  1. Message matching
    ATA Directory additional info summarizes the most important points about Matt’s services and corresponds to the information on his website… so that once you’ve clicked through to his homepage, it will match your expectations

  2. 1 overarching theme: elevating your communications
    Not only delightful copy (“climb well beyond the words on the page and create copy that doesn’t read like a translation. Summiting that mountain may require a lot of perseverance, some creativity and a little adventure, but when taken to the top your readers will get a view just as breathtaking as the original”), but also the visuals work together to create a website that is memorable and does not contain any pictures of quills, computers, tablets or paper dictionaries.

Maybe not swipe

  1. Not having a clear path for a website visitor to follow
    (homepage CTA indecision: what is a website visitor supposed to do?)

  2. Burying the juiciest info on different pages below the fold:

    1. How what you do is different (About page under “Bolder value” and “Bolder philosophy”)

    2. What the benefits of working with you are (About page under “Bolder Philosophy”)

    3. Credibility-boosting testimonials (at the bottom of the Services page)

  3. Creating a dead-end on your page (what should happen after a visitor is done reading the PDF?)

Ekaterina Howard, Pinwheel Translations. Helping translators and interpreters show to the world the value of their services. One website teardown at a time.

Ekaterina Howard, Pinwheel Translations

Helping translators and interpreters show the value of their services. One website teardown at a time.