What is *YOUR* motivation to attend #ata59... and how you can swipe the messaging

Learning, connecting with fellow translators, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, finding clients, sightseeing, having fun: all of these are valid reasons to attend the ATA 59th Annual Conference this week.

Most of attendees very likely were ready to register by the time the conference website went live. But what about those translators and interpreters who are not certain whether or not this is the right investment to make?

These are the people who’d most likely make it to the end of the homepage and click on “Reasons to Attend”.

I would assume that the people who click through to the page instead of going to that page instead of exploring the sessions, looking up the AST day options, or heading straight to the registration page are the people who need the most persuading.

For example, they could be asking themselves:

  • Is it really worth it?

  • Am I going to regret going all the way to NOLA?

  • For newcomers: I do not know anybody, so as a newcomer, am I going to go home with new clients or new ways to get referrals?

  • What if I don’t know anyone?

  • There are not enough sessions I feel really excited about

  • Am I going to make my money back?

At this point they’ve already watched the video and/or read the repeating testimonials… but they could need additional reasons attend.

How does the “Reasons to Attend” page inspire action, what can you swipe to encourage your website visitors to act, and what not to swipe: find out in this teardown.

TL;DR version: know the most common objections, address them in your copy, highlight the value of taking action and the cost of not acting… and don’t forget to include a call to action.

I’ll also be at the conference and my session will take place on Saturday, at 10 am. I’ll be speaking about the things we can learn from other industries, and why I think that there’s nothing “just” about being a freelancer.

 Ekaterina Howard  Translator and copywriter, helping translators show their value and nail their copy

Ekaterina Howard

Translator and copywriter, helping translators show their value and nail their copy

Are you struggling with figuring out what exactly are the objections your ideal clients have?

Do you need help with structuring your website copy so that it presents an argument in favor of working with you?