Translators' Websites Teardowns: Ewandro Magalhaes: an (almost) perfect website

Meaningful calls to action, homepage design that drives visitors to specific pages, a convenient way to book coaching sessions, specific language that addresses very real pain points and Harry Potter mentions... it would seem Ewandro Magalhaes has the perfect website.

Or not?

What to swipe:

  1. The biggest and the most important takeaway: agitation is not a terrible thing. Instead, it helps your website visitors feel the reason to act
    For example, interpreter “not getting traction” + “feeling stuck” + “struggling to increase visibility” = someone ready to change that state of misery.

  2. Making it easy to book coaching sessions (or prospect calls) means reducing friction and increasing the likelihood of visitors taking an action, instead of leaving your website in frustration.

  3. It is OK to not use all the latest buzzwords and opt for a rich, evocative language instead. It does not hurt to use pop culture references, as well (like in the post about using specific language in e-commerce copy by Lianna Patch).

Maybe not swipe:

  1. The carousel with testimonials: it’s hard to read a testimonial through unless you are really focused on it.
    Once the page has been open for some time, the carousel stops showing different testimonials.
    Unless you realize that this is the end of a long sequence and try to scroll them back, you’re likely to miss most of them.
    And, as opposed to the blog post gallery, a way to scroll through them manually is not immediately clear (not so good) and a website visitor might not realize that scrolling is possible at all without visible controls.

  2. The testimonials are not divided by service and are all grouped together at the bottom of the homepage, even though they could be especially useful on thecoaching sessions page for additional credibility.

  3. Hero image: clear (without mirror-reflection of “disruptive” and with a more descriptive headline in the hero section), or clever (as is now)? I’d go for clear every time (and it’s not just me).
    Maybe “Take your interpreting career to the next level” from Natasha Kharikova’s testimonial?..

Website teardown. Note to self: need more coffee. Also: look forward to #ata59

Ekaterina Howard is a bilingual copywriter, the current Administrator of the ATA’s Slavic Languages Division, and a Copy School Graduate. She believes that both freelance translators and interpreters and T&I companies can do better than “great quality at a reasonable price” and blogs about the ways in which they can make their copy more relevant and more persuasive.

Ekaterina Howard is a copywriter who used to be a translator.

She believes that both freelance translators and interpreters and T&I companies can do better than “great quality at a reasonable price”.