Don't scare your readers (delight them instead): regional lindy workshop websites

In this post I'm taking a short break from translation industry to look at some real-life examples of how bland copy might be hurting conversions and to talk about two lindy workshop events (video about what's lindy hop and a shout-out to the local Mint Julep Jazz Band!).

To be fair, dance workshops are not the same as translation services and belong into different categories ("drug" and "painkiller" respectively).

What's more, some events are so well-established that they don't need fancy websites and good copy, like ILHC.

On the other hand, ILHC publishes so many YouTube videos that the website is basically there to offer info on how to buy passes (still, in this episode of The Track Nina Gilkenson says that some people feel like they are not "good enough" to go to ILHC  — so maybe copy could change that; the interview was recorded in 2015... and I still feel that way in 2018, so who knows?).

Not everybody is ILHC, so for regional events copy is a bit more important (assuming that most of the participants will not be able to go to all of them, which is not always the case).

Back to the real-life example: a website battle

I did not go to the School of Hard Knox event. I did go to the Cool Cat Corner V workshop. If you check out their websites for a closer look at the copy, it is clear why:

True, translation services and dance workshops are in different categories. But these two events are a great example of why you need to a) use the language of your customers, and b) not scare your potential buyers.


For your convenience: a shim sham link to a video by London Swing Dance Society.

A completely unsurprising summary of the website battle (all the things conversion copywriters tell us)


  1. Cultural and/or "insider" references work

  2. Finding ways to reduce risk (or perception thereof) is important

  3. Same goes for decreasing anxiety

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