Book a longer call to make your website happen

Book a longer call to make your website happen

from 450.00

Unless you enjoy sinking even deeper into the depths of online research, you know that the endless row of tabs staring back at you is not getting you closer to creating a website.

Let’s help you get into and execution mode.

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Things we could discuss and do:

  • Personal statement: digging deeper than “passion for languages” and “connecting worlds”

  • Competitor analysis: what do they say (and, more importantly, not say)?

  • Blog and review mining: what do clients in your industry know about, what do they need to know, and what are the false beliefs you need to address?

  • Testimonial gathering and analysis (“Delivers on time” just won’t cut it)

  • Your process: how can you make it easier to work with you (and, of course, mention it on the website)?

  • Your goal: what do you want website visitors to do? Where will they be coming from?

  • All of the research pieces pulled together to form a convincing argument

  • One idea for your website to center your messaging around

  • PNG wireframes with your argument laid out step by step, from top to bottom

  • Ways to get more information from website visitors

  • Suggestions on how to keep improving your website