T&I Website Clarity Call

Get answers to your pressing website-related questions. Stop the agony of indecision

  • cut through all the conflicting advice the Internet has to offer and figure out what’s right for *you*

  • stop being distracted by shiny stuff (no, the option to upload files via your website will not make ALL the difference)

  • set goals for your website and adapt its structure and layout to support them (instead of the other way around)

  • understand which elements of your website are not working hard enough and what you can do to improve them

  • make decisions based on how much time you actually have for your website, not on how much time you *wish* you had

  • approach website rewrite or launch strategically

  • decide how to promote your website (if you plan to just go live and leave it at that... I suggest you reconsider)


This service is for…


Website procrastinators

You have been telling yourself “I really should have a website” for over 6 months, and still have not moved past “Gee, there are so many different website builders out there… I wonder which one should I choose?”.

You promise yourself you’ll work on the website when there’s less translation work… except when this time comes, you’re just not feeling it.

What you need

  • a process for setting up or rewriting a website broken up in manageable chunks

  • a clear, immediate goal you can work towards without being distracted by logos or fancy design options (repeat after me: you do not need to get a logo before you create your website)

  • a list of resources you can pull up for reference (and I’ll make one just for you)


Website haters

You thought that creating a website would be enough to send a steady stream of inquiries your way.

You’ve built it, but they still do not come.

What happened? Where are they? Do potential clients all just leave your website? Can they even find it?

Is it some black SEO magic at work?


It’s just life.

Yes, it’s hard and unfair…

But you can still turn the tables on all those online “translators” that mess up the search results by harnessing the power of long-tail search...

… and by writing to one ideal reader (as opposed to that nebulous “translation buyer” persona).

Instead of cancelling your website hosting, ranting on online forums or resigning yourself to spending hours on sending out resumes, take small steps towards bringing your invisible-for-now website to life.

What you need

  • understand what you *can* do with the the time you do have…

  • get specific ideas that are not as nebulous as the “translation buyer” persona... for example, figuring out what “pillar content” is, and how to create it

  • make sure that once you get visitors to your website, you do not antagonize them into leaving your website


Fee: 79 USD

Payment terms: 100% prepayment
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My guarantee: you'll get at least 5 useful and practical pieces of advice during our call, or your money back.