From research to promotion: a roadmap for creating a website that speaks directly to your dream clients…

…even if the phrase “content marketing” makes you cringe

You are a professional translator. Not a Chief Content Officer

Building your website and promoting your translation business online does not have to become a second job


You don't need to spend your time building lists and drafting newsletters. Follow the roadmap below, in order to:

  • set up your website so that it helps you achieve your goals, whether it’s getting as much traffic as possible, or speaking to a select group of ideal clients that you want to work with

  • deploy ready-to-use, freely available online formulas and templates to streamline your research process and save yourself from copying mistakes others have made on their T&I websites

  • stop feeling the pressure to “build a list”, unless you are 100% certain that your very specific target audience is dying to hear from you (which, let's be honest, is highly unlikely in translation industry)

  • understand how to stop making generalized claims, start speaking to your ideal clients and stop getting the “Give me your best rate” requests that waste your time

  • get a better understanding of your target audience, even if you don’t have any clients there yet, with the superpower of online research

  • be freed from the pressure to prioritize SEO over good sense (there are other – and better – sources of traffic outside search results)