From research to promotion: a roadmap for creating a website that speaks directly to your dream clients…

…even if the phrase “content marketing” makes you cringe

Create a website that will encourage your ideal clients to work with you. Without unnecessary detours or wasted effort.

Which of the following options do you think has a higher rate of success?

  1. Persuading a client that understands the value of your experience and credentials, and sees how they match the qualifications they're looking for in a translator, to work with you.

  2. Convincing someone to pay a professional for translation services, when they believe that free machine translation output will work just fine.

 This is not a trick question.

Of course, option 1.

But why?

The answer is simple: the prospective client in the first option is on a different stage of awareness. They are ready to buy, they are aware of the options that are available on the market, and they know exactly what they want.

It is very likely that all the information you’ll need to provide is what you would put in your CV.

Option 2 is a very different matter.

Let's say someone wants to have their real estate listings translated into Spanish, and that they are looking for a "free English to Spanish translator" to do that work.

To convince that person to pay a professional translator instead, you'll need to answer the following questions for them:

  1. Why shouldn’t they use the machine translation options that are instant, readily available and free?

  2. Why shouldn’t they ask a friend of a cousin, who had 2 years of Spanish in high school 10 years ago, to translate their listing?

  3. Why should they work with a native speaker?

  4. Why is working with a freelance translator better for them than working with an agency?

  5. Why is working with a professional freelance translator better than going for the lowest bidder on a freelance jobs website, especially since that person would be making the same quality claims?

  6. Why should they care whether or not the professional translator they hire is ATA-certified?

  7. Is it easy to work with a freelance translator?

  8. Where should they look for a professional ATA-certified freelance translator?

  9. What should they be looking for when trying to engage a professional ATA-certified freelance translator?

  10. What do they need to know or do to make their translation project a success?

And probably several more.

Large companies can afford to hire a marketing team and write content for all stages of awareness.

But as a freelance translator, is this something you want to be spending your time on?


Would attracting people who do not know much about translation, and trying to get them to work with you, pay off as a marketing strategy?

Or, would you be better off focusing on earning repeat business and referrals from your current clients —  by being outstanding at your craft?



You are a professional translator. Not a Chief Content Officer

Building your website and promoting your translation business online does not have to become a second job


You don't need to spend your time building lists and drafting newsletters. Follow the roadmap below, in order to:

  • set up your website so that it helps you achieve your goals, whether it’s getting as much traffic as possible, or speaking to a select group of ideal clients that you want to work with

  • deploy ready-to-use, freely available online formulas and templates to streamline your research process and save yourself from copying mistakes others have made on their T&I websites

  • stop feeling the pressure to “build a list”, unless you are 100% certain that your very specific target audience is dying to hear from you (which, let's be honest, is highly unlikely in our industry)

  • learn when you need to blog, and when it’s an unnecessary time-suck with one visit in 3 months and a 100% bounce rate

  • understand how to stop making generalized claims, start speaking to your ideal clients and stop getting the “Give me your best rate” requests that waste your time

  • get a better understanding of your target audience, even if you don’t have any clients there yet, with the superpower of online research

  • be freed from the pressure to prioritize SEO over good sense (there are other – and better – sources of traffic outside search results)

  • grab useful links that can help you gain a deeper understanding of what you can do to make your website speak effectively to your customers. In a way that will help you be at the top of their list, even if you are swamped with work


 Download the roadmap, follow it from research to promotion, and create website copy that you can be confident in launching.

Continue growing your business by updating your website with the kinds of content that will work for your ideal clients (who hopefully know better than look for a “free online translator”).

If you still feel stuck after working on your website for 2 months,
schedule a 30-minute copy review call with me

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