For translators, interpreters and agency owners who just want the BOOM!
(as in, Boom! Done!)

Should I just write your copy so that you can rock your translation work?

Attract new clients with persuasive websites without…

...the hassle of writing the copy

...the agony of writing about yourself and

...the research paralysis

I don’t wordsmith all over your site or use any “10 magical words that will *instantly* increase your conversions” checklists.

Instead, I listen to you and your existing clients to find the way to highlight your experiences, your values and your personality in a way that would resonate with the people you want to work with.

My process for writing website copy


Getting to know you

A detailed onboarding form, a Zoom chat, your expectations, your vision and your “why” - because your website should have your voice, not mine.

Gathering the data

You specialization and your ideal clients

What is the market in your specialization like? What do clients expect? What do they get? What do they believe?
What do your competitors say about themselves?
Your existing clients
What do *your* clients think your superpower is? What do they value most?
Without knowing what your customers love about you, we’ll end up going in circles repeating same old, tired “high quality” this and “passion for words” that.
Which is… meh.
Your website analytics
What are your goals for the website? How do they relate to your website structure? When your potential customers get in touch, what happens next?
Instead of a collection of 5-6 loosely thematically connected pages, your website has a logical and clear flow
Collection of additional information about your visitors via heatmaps or pop-up survey tools (have you ever wondered why visitors leave your website? Did you know you could *ask* them before they leave?)
Standing out with One Big Idea
How can all this information help your website copy be memorable and relevant?

Website copy draft

Instead of a Google Doc with no layout, I will prepare a PNG file with your copy laid out in a wireframe draft if you don’t have a design (yet), or in a layout similar to your design, if your website is already been live.

I can even work with your designer :)

Unless there are serious structural changes, the next step is getting the copy out to the editor (she’s awesome, btw)

And yes, I do SEO research, but I will not be stuffing your copy with keywords - this is not the point.

Optimizing the final draft

Your shiny new copy gets edited and laid out and is now ready to go live.
But we’re not done (yet): time to see if there’s anything that could be improved.
Are website visitors behaving in the way we’ve expected them to? If not, what might be the reason?


This service is for…

  • Experienced translators with one main specialization and at least 5 years of work experience...

  • Agency owners who are also translators (and who do not start their emails with “Dear Vendors…”)...

  • Amazing interpreters who do the work I can’t imagine being even remotely good at...

...who want a website that would help them highlight their unique skills and attract the clients they want
(without the frustration and the delay of writing for yourself).


But is there actually “Boom!” in this offer?..

  1. What if the website rewrite doesn’t bring me more clients?
    Even the most amazing website will remain a ghost town if you don’t have a marketing or content strategy (or paid ads) bringing traffic to it.
    As simple as that.
    My goal is to a) understand what kind of customers come to your website, b) what their goals are at that particular stage, and c) how to shape an argument that would convince them to take the desired action.
    Traffic generation - on you.

  2. Can’t you just rewrite what I have on the page? Do you *really* need to be talking with my clients?
    Yes! If you are changing specializations or just don’t have clients that are similar to the ones you hope to attract with a new website, there are workarounds for that.
    For example, using emails from clients to see what they are excited about when working with you.
    Or looking for industry-specific information online.
    But really…
    It’s not only about getting long and detailed testimonials (though those are good for you too, obviously).
    It’s also about figuring out what makes you different.
    Of course, qualifications, mastery of language skills and subject matter expertise are important. But clients do not necessarily see things from the same angle as translation or interpreting professionals do.
    So we need to know what matters to them - and what are the unexpected things that delight them.

  3. Why would I hire you instead of writing my website myself? Lots of people (and agencies) do.
    Oh, sure. You can do that.
    What I see all the time is the eternal conflict between “I want an excellent website”, “I don’t have a lot of free time” and “I’m not sure I know how to really nail it”.
    Add to that the fact that writing about yourself can make you feel like you’re becoming Saul Goodman…
    ...or lead to a full-blown existential crisis (“Who am I to offer translation services? I know nothing!”).
    Working with me means you don’t have to give up your evening and weekends to get things done…
    You don’t get the comparison identity crisis.
    You don’t need to turn down projects or work around projects, or feel resentful about taking on an otherwise ideal project that just coincided with your efforts to improve the website.
    What’s more, you’ll actually get copy that is based on information, not hunches and guesses - and written to convert based on research, instead of desperate wishful thinking.

  4. You’re a translator, right? So what’s up with copywriting?
    Well…. Technically you might say I am a manager (what with my degree in Management Science).
    Copywriting is like translation - no barriers to entry. All levels of skills. A wide variety of approaches.
    And, like in translation, there are best practices and specializations.
    I fell in love with conversion copywriting because it resolved the biggest problem with both creative translation and copywriting: it relied on the customer data, not on “what I think is the best way” (how many times did you get edits from a reviewer that were not even close to the original or even to the brief?).
    At the same time, it breaks my heart to see the way we are undermining ourselves with weak, generic copy that is instantly forgettable.
    We should stop doing that. We owe it to our clients to help them cut through the hype and get the translations that are going to work for them, not lead to a public embarrassment. One website at a time.

  5. Why are there no packages? I want to know in advance how much the website will cost.
    We’ll agree on a fee before I start work, no worries on that count!
    But before that we’d need to determine the scope - and see whether or not we’ll enjoy working together.

  6. How long will it take to get my new copy? What if I need it tomorrow?
    If you really need the website to go live tomorrow… Sorry, can’t help.

    If you need your website sooner than about 2 months, you could {{buy time with me}} and we’ll get some live copywriting done.

  7. What if I don’t like the result? Will you give me back my money?

    I can’t guarantee you hordes of excited website visitors swamping you with projects.
    If you mean “result” as in “website copy”... I’m not dumping the final copy on you and walking away.

    We discuss the concept and your brand voice in the beginning.

    You review the initial draft of copy.

    You sign off on the final deliverables.

    Even after the copy is delivered, I’m still with you for the website testing period.

Starting at 2700 USD for a 3-page website
(homepage + how I work + one more page of your choice).


Not everyone needs custom copy, especially when just starting out. And it’s OK

You could still work with me - if you need a quick consult, or some help with getting the website out, or even getting your website reviewed.